The Telugu industry has shown tremendous growth in previous years, but the primary victory started during the pandemic. In times of pandemics, watching Telugu movies is the only way to wipe up the boredom. It brings out so much love, entertainment, and happiness when one watches it. The Telugu industry covers all types of content in

its movies. The Telugu movies range from being the most romantic to most horror, from being the most humorous to the most inspirational. It covers every aspect of the movie industry. Telugu Industry is streamingmovies online. Recently, during the pandemic time, Aha Application was launched, which streams the best Telugu film, web series, and TV shows in its Application. The various web series and movies also offer animated movies for kids and even have free movies for their audience.

Let’s read about a movie that will brighten your mood and will spread positivity all around. Hushaaru is one of the best Telugu movies, which spreads happiness and good vibes all around.

Hushaaru is a Telugu movie that was screened on the Aha application on 14th December 2018. It is a movie about friendship, romance, and comedy. It is one of that movie which can cheer up anyone’s mood on a dull day. This movie stills upcoming artists in lead roles. SreeHarshaKonuganti directs Hushaaru. In this movie, four childhood friends turned into mischievous youth. They pass their time by searching for their girlfriends. Two of them found their girlfriends, while two runs after Tinder dates. The four friends thought of being an entrepreneur. Eventually, they started with a beer factory and aimed to expand their factory to a restaurant. The movie revolves around how they face the obstacles and hurdles and how they overcome them.

This movie holds the right mixture of humor, romance, and emotions. The first half of the film

is of love and romance with a little bit of comedy, by the other half is filled with youth, fun, and emotions. The movie has amazing actors performing in the best way to cheer up the audience. One of those movies is that one prefers watching with family and friends and having a beautiful time.


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