A freight forwarder or a freight forwarding company is a company that specializes in the organization and arrangement of the cargo for the shippers. A freight forwarding company is also known as a delivery company that aims to make the shipping process quick and efficient for a smooth ecommerce business. In most cases, freight forwarders and delivery companies offer a huge variety of supply chain activities and services. These services may include ocean and air freight transportation. The freight forwarding agents enable sellers to ship across the world without any shipping difficulties.

What is the purpose of a Delivery company?


A delivery company บริษัทรับส่งสินค้า authorizes cargo agents or transport agents to take responsibility of transport the goods from one country to the other. For instance, the freight forwarding company might organize cargo movement from an industrial plant to the airport by truck. The cargo will then have to be shipped to another city or country by airplane and later moved from the designated airport to the customer’s residence. The freight company will ensure that shipping and transportation are organized, and products reach the customers on time.

International freight shipping

Freight shipments are most common when a customer purchases from an international website. The shipment is carried out between two countries as the purchase is global. International freight forwarding companies handle all types of international shipments for people who want to purchase goods from a website of another country. These freight forwarding companies have additional expertise as they employ a trained and experienced staff with years of experience in international shipping. The delivery company takes responsibility for the preparation and processing of all the customs documentation. They also perform all the activities related to international shipments on behalf of the sellers.